Bathroom Game Changers

Bathroom Game Changers

By Aaron Booth on Jun 23 2017

Renovations are a huge game changer when it comes to owning a home, especially when every room in the home is perfect except for one. This room may not be entirely unsatisfactory but you know that it could be upgraded into something magnificent. What room is this I hear you ask? ..........The bathroom.

In most homes today the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house. This becomes extremely difficult when you live in a 4 bedroom home with only one bathroom and you have three kids, yourself and your partner. The solution to this problem is renovation, but where to start?

The first thing you want to look at is increasing the size. If your home has a shower over a bath the first thing you’re going to want to do is get rid of that and replace it with a walk in shower. By doing this you have increased the space by getting rid of the bath tub and generating accessibility for future buyers. If you do want to keep the bath tub then you are going to have to build outwards to have room for both. But in most cases it is preferred by most to have an oversized shower, especially when it comes to resale of the home.

The second option would be to add an ensuite to the master bedroom, but this might be a lot more expensive than just renovating the bathroom. This option might be more of a long term investment once you have finished your first bathroom renovation.

In conclusion if you are looking for somewhere to start your first renovation then the bathroom is a great place to start especially if you know that the size needs to be increased.