Priscilla Muscat

Property Investment Department Manager

Priscilla has been a valued and integral member of our LJ Hooker Group since 2003.  She has experience in both the Property Investment Management and Sales areas of real estate agency. Her thorough knowledge of all aspects of real estate practice combined with a commitment to excellence provides peace of mind for our client landlords who have entrusted the care and management of their properties to Priscilla and her team.

As our Head of Property Management Department, she is a high achiever in her own right within the LJ Hooker organization, achieving Captains Club status in 2007, induction into the Multi-Million Dollar Chapter in 2009 and prequalifying every subsequent year.  This places her in the real estate group’s Top Achievers and she is one of less than 15 property managers to be recognized at this level. 

A past winner of the Top Property Investment Manager Award in Queensland.  Priscilla is also an active member of the LJ Hooker Property Investment Manager Chapter in Queensland.  Her industry knowledge, passion for new and innovative ideas, attention to detail, organizational skills and commitment to customer service are reflected in her achievements. 

As an outstanding performer in a highly regulated field, she and her team are focussed on the needs of our clients to maximize their returns whilst minimizing their risk profiles. Whilst balancing these needs with addressing the expectations of client tenants, she also ensures the professional development and training of her team members so that all team members are across the latest legal requirements, best practice procedures and most productive technologies available - no small task, but one of many at which she excels.

  • Life Member of Captain's Club (PIM)
    Life Member of Captain's Club (PIM)

My Awards

  • Life Member of Captain's Club (PIM) - Dec 2017
  • Annual QLD/NT - Top Business Development Property Investment Manager (Runner Up) - Aug 2015
  • PIM Chapter - Region Secretary - Jan 2009